Sistem Informasi Manajemen Pengawasan Inspektorat Jenderal Kementerian Hukum dan HAM RI

Mobile Application


SIMWAS Mobile Application is a management solution for reporting data and show suitable dashboard to perform better analytic

We offer a mobile application solution for processing reports and data analysis. Simwas is one of them, We make your company management more organized and more efficient because it can be used anywhere


Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard is the right solution for any existing analysis data. With a dashboard, users can easily find out the data reports that occur during the period they occur. Chart becomes important to facilitate understanding of your business

Data Reporting

Data reporting keeps you aware of what is happening with your business. When your business is not reaching one of its goals, your reporting charts should alert you of the issue, prompting you to respond.

Real Time Data

Data that occurs in real time is very important thing if that happens in your business. With real time data, you will be more quickly find out business growth you quickly.

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