Rembon Karya Digital
Solve IT Problems

Our success depends entirely on the strength of our resources; we need people with an appetite to drive personal performance, a passion and a winning mindset to reach the company vision as a leading IT company in the Region.

How we work
Developing software in the best possible way is extremely important to us. That is why we use:

Peer code review
Mutual code verification by team members is the best way to prevent errors and to learn new tricks of the trade.

Best tools available
Speaking of tools, we never save on these. PHPStorm, RubyMine, WebStorm, CodeClimate, GitHub? All available. Need something else? No worries, we will get you that as well.

Agile and Scrum
We use tried and trusted methods of managing projects. We know that it is impossible to define the whole project before we start, so we use an iterative and agile process – Scrum.

We use *DD because we know that the code developed this way is most solid and least prone to errors, which in turn leads to happy customers and even happier developers!